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eco water ionizers

Best of all, our TOP water ionizers is completely chemical-free.
Start living the life you were always meant to live by drinking healthier, safer water.
That’s where we can help!

Cheap Water Ionizer

PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter, Chrome

  • Enjoy cleaner, filtered water from your faucet with the PUR Faucet Mount Filter System. .It’s easy to attach and includes a MineralClear filter that filters water over natural minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste.


PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter, Chrome.

  • FAUCET WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM – Enjoy cleaner, filtered water from your faucet with the PUR Faucet Mount Filter System. .It’s easy to attach and includes a MineralClear filter that filters water over natural minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste.
  • REDUCES LEAD AND 70+ CONTAMINANTS – This PUR drinking water faucet filtration system is certified to reduce over 70 contaminants, including lead, mercury, and certain pesticides. PUR Faucet Filtration systems reduce more contaminants than any other brand.*
  • EASY ONE CLICK ATTACHMENT – The faucet-mounted water filter is easy to attach, and no tools are required. Compatible with most faucets, but will not work with pull-out or hand-held faucets.
  • COMPATIBLE DOES NOT MEAN COMPARABLE – Genuine PUR Faucet mount water filters are certified to reduce lead and other harmful contaminants from your water. Compatible water filter replacements are not guaranteed to offer the same water quality.
  • #1 SELLING BRAND IN FAUCET FILTRATION** – Contaminants can enter your water system daily, so filtering your water is important. PUR has been developing innovative technologies for superior water filtration for over 30 years.

New Water Ionizers

The benefits of drinking ionized water have been proven by more than 1000 articles and clinical studies. A large selection of water ionizers means we have an alkaline water solution for everyone. We designed each household countertop water ionizer machine to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Enjoy advanced interactive touchscreen capability, all stainless-steel construction, ultrafiltration, and so much more.

Top 3 Water Ionizers

Looking for the perfect alkaline water machine but don’t know where to start?
We got you covered in our in-depth alkaline water machine buying guide!
In our guide, you’ll discover some of the best water ionizers that are perfect for your household, all of which you can buy right now. Surely these water ionizer machines aren’t for everyone since most of them carry a hefty price tag.
But one thing can be said for sure, these are the best alkaline water machines that are good enough for us to recommend to you on our list of the top 6 best alkaline water machines of 2018.


What is a water ionizer?

A water ionizer is a home appliance which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.


Health Benefits of Ionized Water

  • Restores the body’s pH balance
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Cancer Prevention Benefits
  • Cardiovascular System Benefits
  • Skin Benefits
  • Taste Benefits

The 6 Best Water Ionizers

  • Tyent UCE-11
  • Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo
  • Life Ionizer MXL-9
  • Air Water Life Deluxe 9.0
  • Bawell Platinum
  • Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0
  • Bawell 1195 Premier

Countertop Water Ionizers


Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer


pH RECHARGE 3F Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer – Countertop Water Filter System – Large Alkaline Water Pitcher – High pH Ionized Water, 2.6 Gallon, 12.5 Litre (White).

  • POWERFUL FILTRATION – 3 X PH001 MULTI-STAGE ALKALINE WATER FILTERS – Increases pH up to pH10, increases -ORP and ionizes drinking water. Remineralization adds minerals such as selenium & calcium. Filters fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine. Filters heavy metals in tap water providing a great taste. Removes odor and color.
  • HUGE FILTER CAPACITY – MUCH LONGER THAN OUR COMPETITION = 1500 cups/360 litres/96 gallons per PH001 filter. Saving 720 bottles of filtered water, and $1080, at an average cost of $1.50 per bottle.
  • MODERN SPACE SAVING DESIGN – fits on a counter without needing to connect a machine to the tap or faucet. Easily fits on a refrigerator shelf in the home or office. MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS – BPA free, Certified by SGS, TUV, RoHS, BSI, ISO 9001:2000 Member of The Water Quality Association.
  • NEW ENHANCED FILTER DESIGN – ADD OUR ‘secret weapon’ PH002 ULTRAFILTRATION (UF) MEMBRANE FILTER (sold separately, search B07PZCLDRL) to your PH001 filter, & take your water filtration to the next level.

Alkaline Water Pitcher


EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher- 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2020 Model.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: When it comes to our EHM Alkaline Water Pitchers, we make a point of using nothing but the finest materials available, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and strict quality control. Each of our high capacity water tank 3.8L pitchers has a filtration capacity of 2l, and is conveniently shaped to perfectly fit into your refrigerator!
  • GREATLY IMPROVED HYDRATION: By micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size, this great water ionizer pitcher produces easily-absorbable alkaline water that will get you hydrated faster and more effectively. Filtered alkaline ionized water contains minimal free radicals and toxins, is a powerful antioxidant, and enhances your energy levels and immune system.
  • COMPOSITE 6 STAGE FILTER CARTRIDGE: By utilizing a specially formulated 6-stage filter, the EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from water, sets its pH to a basic value up to a 10 PH depending on the source water. It also adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals and anti-oxidants, and provides a low negative ORP between -100 and -200 mv.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: When it comes to our EHM Alkaline Water Pitchers, we make a point of using nothing but the finest materials available, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and strict quality control. Each of our high capacity water tank 3.8l pitchers has a filtration capacity of 2l, and is conveniently shaped to perfectly fit into your refrigerator!

Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle


LevelUpWay – Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle SPE PEM Technology Water Ionizer.

  • NEW TECH – DUPONT – USA Proton Exchange Membrane – 5 GENERATION Molecular Hydrogen Generator Produces BEST ANTIOXIDANT for YOU; Molecular hydrogen is a NOVEL ANTIOXIDANT to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.
  • Hydrogen Rich Water Prevents BAD CHOLESTEROL; Hydrogen water prevents bad cholesterol which plague arteries, also slows down the AGING PROCESS.
  • METABOLISM REVOLUTION; hydrogen water ionizer improves metabolism and nutrient absorption.
  • PEM HYDROGEN WATER BOTTLE PURE HYDROGEN IS ADDED – OZONE AND CHLORINE are REMOVED: adds hydrogen which is better for health, and removes, ozone and chlorine, which can be harmful.
  • USA SELLER – 1 YEAR WARRANTY – take your HYDROGEN ENRICHING WATER SYSTEM with INSULATED WATER BOTTLE; Every Bottle comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee, One Year Hassle-Free Warranty, and friendly customer service – We Have ALL SPARE PARTS for your peace of mind.

Portable Water Ionizers

Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you. Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent.


Microlyscs CrazyCap


Microlyscs CrazyCap UV Water Purifier Cap and Insulated Self Cleaning Water Bottle – Turns Any Water Source Into Clean Drinkable Water – 17 oz.

  • POWERED BY DEEP UV-C – Effectively eliminates 99.9996% of mold, bacteria, and viruses from water, with nothing but UV light exposure. Cap doubles as a sanitizer travel wand – simply wave over any surface to sterilize.
  • UV-C IS STERILIZATION OF THE FUTURE- CrazyCap’s powerful, in the cap, UV-C light rays are the same wavelength as the UV used to sanity operating rooms and water treatment plants.
  • REPLACES 500,000 WATER BOTTLES – Reduces plastic waste and needless spending of bottled water. Premium bottle made of vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps water cold for 24 hrs / hot for 12.
  • SELF CLEANING BOTTLE – Stops bacteria and mold from breeding in your water bottle. Auto activates every four hours to keep your water pristine and the bottle mold-free.
  • DRINKABLE WATER AT YOUR FINGERTIP – High – tech, chemical-free purification. The best alternative to boiled water and water tablets. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – because we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

pH2O Alkaline Water Filter


Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle – Enhances pH and Filters Water – BPA Free – 28 oz.

  • MILLIONS OF AMERICANS DRINK CONTAMINATED WATER EVERY DAY – These contaminants have been linked to a growing list of devastating, life-changing health issues. Help protect you and your family’s health. Each Seychelle water filter is tested to remove Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Chromium 6, Benzene, MTBE’s, VOCs, THMs, Chloroform, Arsenic, 90% of Fluoride, and many more.
  • ENHANCES pH UP TO 9.5 – By decreasing water microclusters from 12 molecules down to 4-6, alkaline water is more quickly and easily absorbed. This increased hydration helps flush harmful toxins from your body more quickly. The result of this healthy mineralized water: increased energy levels, improved health, slowed the aging process, and restored younger-looking skin.
  • BETTER TASTING WATER ON THE GO – While you are away from home, ensure great-tasting water from any treated water source. This alkaline water is perfect for helping neutralize the high acidity of the different foods we eat. Use Seychelle’s smooth tasting high pH water year-round while at the gym, work, a park, or anywhere else life takes you away from home.
  • SAVE MONEY, OPTIMIZE HEALTH, CUT DOWN PLASTIC WASTE – The costs of bottled water can amount to hundreds of dollars per year. Seychelle’s large alkaline filter capacity of up to 100 gallons gives you over 400 fill-ups. Help increase your health, save significant money, and say goodby to plastic bottle waste.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA – Beware of other water filter companies with untested filters manufactured overseas. Put your trust in premium Seychelle Water Filters that are manufactured in an ISO 14000 certified facility. This facility has been routinely tested to meet the highest quality standards for over 20 years.

HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water


HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water, 20 Ounce (12 counts) Workout Recovery Drink, Contains Molecular Hydrogen to Support Athletic Performance.

  • HFACTOR HYDROGEN INFUSED WATER: Hydrogen infused water means molecular hydrogen is more quickly absorbed by your body’s cells. Hydrogen infused water has been shown to increase athletic performance and reduce inflammation from exercise.
  • PRE- OR POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK: HFactor hydrogen infused water gives your energy a boost as hydrogen is the key ingredient in producing ATP. Post-exercise HFactor delivers antioxidants to help ease muscle soreness & reduce lactic acid buildup.
  • HYDROGEN WATER HELPS YOU THRIVE: Hydrogen water supports wellness by providing a caffeine-free pick me up & hydration for late nights, jetlag & headaches. Many customers post a beneficial effect on allergy symptoms & chronic inflammatory skin issues.
  • HFACTOR WATER IS SCIENTIFICALLY SMART & ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND: We use pure water from the USA, infuse it with molecular hydrogen & package it in hydro-packs that won’t let hydrogen escape, are BPA-Free & recyclable, to support your healthy lifestyle.
  • HYDROGEN INFUSED WATER, PURE & SIMPLE: While many recoveries or antioxidant hydration drinks add sugars or other ingredients, HFactor is simple yet powerful. Pure Water.Pure Hydrogen.

The Best Countertop Water Ionizer Brand: The Tyent Ionizer Company
A Countertop water ionizer refers to a water ionizer that sits on top of your counter. The Tyent MMP-9090 and MMP-11 are both countertop ionizers. A Tyent Ionizer Company’s countertop ionizer is the easiest to install. It only takes 5 to 15 minutes to install a Tyent countertop ionizer. Simply run the ionizer tubing from the back of your Tyent countertop ionizer to an ionizer diverter that hooks to your faucet. You can also connect your MMP-9090 countertop water ionizer or your MMP-11 countertop water ionizer to your cold water line. If you hook your countertop ionizer up this way, you will be able to just push any button on the ionizer other than having to toggle with an ionizer diverter.